>We have the experience to assist you with your business purchase, large or small. We work with the required team of professionals to undertake investigations and inspections to ensure you know what you are buying. Our service is also flexible and scalable. We can work with your chosen accountants and other advisors or we can introduce you to a wide range of professionals to assist with your specific purchase when required.


If you are not prepared when selling your business you may maximise your return. Compliance with regulatory Authority requirements and or ownership and transfer of intellectual property can often cause a sale to stall. We provide assistance with the legal aspects of selling your business which includes assisting you to ensure your business is ready for sale to maximize the return to you. Our advice and services are flexible and really depend on your needs. We offer advice on likely issues arising when due diligence is carried out on behalf of a buyer. Many pre sale issues are easily and quickly dealt with and often include preparing Non Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements to ensure your business and operations remain private after inspection by a buyer. We prepare Sale of Business Contracts and can advise and assist with negotiation of the terms and conditions of your sale.


>PLAN YOUR DEAL. Possibly the most important part of buying or selling your business is to ensure the structure/terms of the deal are right. Planning to minimise risk and protect your family home and other assets, should be one of the first stepswhen considering a business sale or purchase. We can help with your planning.


>You need to understand the terms and conditions before you can decide how to finance or refinance your business. Have you considered all the options on business finance. The terms and conditions of loans and finance are often confusing and with so many different lenders and finance types it’s easy to be trapped. We can provide advice to assist you to understand your Business finance whether it be banks and finance companies or crowd sourced loans and finance.