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It is essential to ensure the preparation of your Will is overseen by an experienced Solicitor.

We advise and prepare basic Wills and complex testamentary documents (often referred to as Testamentary Trusts).

When necessary our team works with accountants and financial advisors to ensure the Will prepared for you is best suited to your needs.

We provide free quotes and plain english advice so that you understand what the documents mean.


Often we forget that we may need some one to take care of our financial affairs while we are still alive but incapable of attending to them ourselves. As part of our Succession Planning package we recommend an Enduring Power of Attorney document be prepared which appoints one or more people to take care of your finances while you are alive if you ever become unable to or incapable of doing it yourself.


Similar to an Enduring Power off Attorney but appoints someone to make decisions about your personal care and health care needs if you are not capable of doing so yourself. We recommend this as part of our Succession Planning package.


There are several issues which may arise with disputed Wills. We have over 20 years experience in dealing with Will disputes in New South Wales. Call to discuss your situation. We act for both executors and complainants.